$99 Saliva Tests Now Available.

Vector Health Labs announced it is now offering a saliva-based PCR test at locations across the Greater Toronto Area. Less invasive than the nasal swab PCR test, this service is available to patients at the below-market price of $99, with results delivered in 24 hours.

$6 from every test goes to CAMH in support of mental health.

Positive Results for Mental Health.

Mental health is the real pandemic, and we must act now to support it.

That’s why, throughout 2022, Vector Health Labs will donate $6 from the proceeds of each saliva test to the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH), with a total donation target of $10,000 minimum over the course of this year.

Book a non-invasive saliva test at one of our participating locations.

Saliva Test

About Vector Health Saliva Tests

Following the restriction of access to COVID-19 testing for residents in Ontario, Vector Health Labs’ saliva-based PCR test offers individuals a chance to take greater control over their personal health and wellness. At $99 per test, the new offering is considerably less expensive than the traditional nasal swab commonly offered by other private testing labs, which can cost over $150 each.

With next day results and availability at all Vector Health Labs locations and select pharmacies in the GTA, this offering can provide reassurance for individuals whether they are travelling, confirming their status after potential exposure, or simply looking for peace of mind before gathering with loved ones.

Vector Health and CAMH

By partnering with CAMH on this initiative, our goal at Vector Health Labs is to help make in-demand tests more accessible, while also supporting important work to learn how this collective experience will affect our long-term mental health.

Many private labs have raised their prices in response to the increased need for diagnostic testing, whereas our response is to try and make them more affordable, while supporting a forward-looking cause.

Operator of Ontario Laboratory License #5697 under Med-Chem Health Care Ltd.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for local government approval of tests or test equipment when travelling.